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I am Elaine Muhammad the Owner/ creative director of Urban Indulgence. I can never tell how my journey began without me telling the most pivotal moment that started Urban Indulgence.  My journey into making healthier skincare products began after my daughter Nikela was diagnosed with Leukemia at age four.  As a mother you never want to see your child suffer in any way.  For me, I felt compelled to do something.  After many doctor appointments, chemotherapy treatments throughout Nikela's teenage years, we had reached our pinnacle point and knew something that had to change.

Because Nikela suffered with excessively dry skin and eczema she was prescribed steroid creams and ointments by her dermatologist, but that only provided temporary relief.  I desired that my daughter had permanent relief and that she would start to be able to enjoy her life.  I didn't want her childhood memories to only be memories of suffering, but I wanted her to be free.  

I began to do extensive research and seek out natural ingredients that would help to provide and maintain moisture ultimately giving Nikela permanent relief.  During my journey of experimenting with various natural ingredients, we finally had a break through.  Raw Shea butter was that the game changer for us and the most effective.  It became the key ingredient for Urban Indulgence soaps, body butters, oils, and still is today. The Shea Butter recipe I created for Nikela’s skin was the answer to our prayers.  We couldn't believe that something so simple could have the greatest effect.  It changed our lives forever. 

Excited and couldn't believe what I had discovered, I began to share it with others.  I even got my husband who has supported me from the beginning involved and excited.  He  fell in love with my recipe so, he encouraged me to start selling it.  I began selling it to family and friends and giving it out as gifts.  I couldn't believe that the body butter I had created for one purpose, soon became an instant hit!  After being inspired to expand, I later I incorporated other items such as: shea butter soap bars, honey lip butters, lotions, deodorants, bath bombs, shampoos, and sugar scrubs. 

I hope you stop by to see us soon and experience what all the talk is about. Oh did I mention, my journey landed me in Essence Magazine. Oh that story is for another time.  It has truly been a miracle to see how out of desperation came a blessing that has not only changed my daughter's life, but mine too.  I hope my story and the experience changes yours for the better too. 

Stop by and see us!  You'll get to see where I manufacture my skincare products from scratch in my production studio which also houses my retail showroom where customers come to test out and shop for products.  I hope you too get to feel the love that goes into each and every item I produce.