About Us


I am Elaine Muhammad the Owner/ creative director of Urban Indulgence. My journey into making healthier skincare products began after my daughter Nikela was diagnosed with Leukemia at age four. As a result of chemotherapy treatments and throughout her teenage years Nikela suffered with excessively dry skin and eczema. The steroid creams and ointments her dermatologist prescribed only gave us temporary relief.

I began to research and seek out natural ingredients that would help to provide and maintain moisture. Raw Shea butter was at the top of the list. The Shea Butter recipe I created for Nikela’s skin was very effective.

My husband fell in love with my recipe as well. He encouraged me  to package the product and sell it. I began giving it as gifts and selling it to friends & family. My products became an instant hit! Later I incorporated making other handmade items such as shea butter soap bars, honey lip butters, lotions, deodorants, bath bombs, shampoos, and sugar scrubs. 

I manufacture my skincare products from scratch in my production studio which also houses my retail showroom where customers come to test out and shop for products.