About Us

     My name is Elaine Muhammad and I am the owner/CEO of Urban Indulgence Handmade. My journey into making healthier skincare products began after my daughter Nikela at age 4 was diagnosed with Leukemia. After treatments she suffered with dry skin, eczema, and acne. The prescription steroid creams and ointments left her skin feeling rough. I began researching and seeking out natural ingredients that are good for the skin and would help improve Nikela's skin issues.  Raw shea butter was at the top of the list. The whipped shea butter recipe I created for Nikela's skin was very effective. My husband began using Nikela’s Body Butter and fell in love! He encouraged me to package and sell it. After some time I reluctantly began giving it as gifts as well as selling it to my friends and family. To my surprise it became an instant hit! I later incorporated making handmade soap and other skincare products.