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I am Elaine Muhammad the owner/ creative director of Urban Indulgence. My journey into making healthier skincare products began after my daughter Nikela was diagnosed with Leukemia and became a St Jude patient at the age of 4 four. After countless medications and treatment, Nikela suffered from eczema and extremely dry skin. Nothing prescribed nor over-the-counter seemed to give her any relief. As a mother, it pained me to watch my teenage daughter get out of my car and walk into school with a sweatshirt or jacket on in late spring and summer attempting to cover her scaly itching arms. No parent wants to see a child suffer or lose self-confidence because of the way their skin looks. At this point, I have had enough!

I began to do extensive research and seek out natural ingredients that would help to provide and maintain moisture giving Nikela the relief she desperately needed. During my journey of experimenting with various natural ingredients, we finally had a breakthrough! I created Nikela's Body Butter using raw fair trade shea butter and it was a game-changer! I shared it with my husband who instantly loved it! He convinced me to create a business selling it. I began selling the body butter to friends and family as well as creating gifts to sell! Our product became a hit and our business grew quickly! Upon customer request, we expanded our product line to include handcrafted natural soaps, body oils, deodorant, shampoo, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, etc. Our key ingredient in most of our products is raw shea butter.

We would love for you to stop by and shop with us at our bath and body boutique and manufacturing studio located at 3314 Poplar Ave Ste 4 Memphis, TN 38111. Come in and Indulge ...just a deserve it!!!